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Founded on family values and craftsmanship.


Our Roots

Always keeping the client's best interest in mind is exactly what our founder, Joe Vaughn (pictured right), believed when he started Vaughn Construction. Joe began working in construction at the age of 13, in the footsteps of his father William T. Vaughn (pictured left), a well-respected construction superintendent in Houston, and his grandfather, William W. Vaughn, a carpenter and mason.

Joe saw first-hand the respect his father had gained with this philosophy. Through his early years, he focused on solving problems and meeting his clients’ needs with a keen sense of ownership and attention to detail. As a result, he became well known and respected by his clients for his honesty, integrity, and problem-solving abilities.




Vaughn Family in Construction


Our Foundation

When Joe began Vaughn Construction, his passion for excellence, sense of urgency, and respectful treatment of clients, design teams, and trade contractors was not the norm. Construction work in Texas in the 70s and 80s was typically awarded to the low bidder, regardless of their previous performance. But Joe’s approach proved prophetic as the method of hiring contractors evolved over the next two decades more toward a performance and qualification-based process.

Joe Vaughn (pictured left with oldest son, Tom Vaughn) passed away in 2014, and his family continued his legacy into the next generation of ownership. His influence can be felt at all levels of our company’s operations. Joe’s life philosophy serves as the foundation of our core values and our company philosophy of being our clients’ trusted advisors. Though Vaughn Construction is now one of the largest institutional contractors in Texas, we still don’t just talk about core values, we live them. Your project becomes our project. It’s the Vaughn way.




Our Leaders

What if the answer to your next construction question was just a phone call away? Although Vaughn is one of the largest contractors in Texas, our leadership structure is very flat, providing you with direct access to the highest level of authority in our company. Vaughn Construction is owned and managed by the second generation of the Vaughn family. Not only are Michael Vaughn, Mike Simpson, Tom Vaughn, and Bill Vaughn (pictured left to right) engaged in the daily operations of the company, they are accessible and available to our clients, employees, and trade contractors.

Before Joe Vaughn handed over the reins of his company to his family members, he made sure they had gained the appropriate level of experience and knowledge to deliver projects successfully while adhering to the company’s core values. As a result, our leaders have served in hands-on roles and understand what it takes to be in the trenches getting the work done.




Our Future

What if you didn’t have to worry whether your contractor would be there for you? While we are proud of our past successes, we have no plans to rest on our laurels. We are always looking to the future. We will continue to adapt our business in ways that benefit our projects by leveraging technologies for efficient project delivery and improving our processes to reduce waste. Our goal is to improve while maintaining the fundamental values you expect from our teams. We are proud to be a family-owned business guided by values that appeal to family-oriented people: honesty, integrity, professionalism, teamwork and above all, respect. We continue to identify key people who share these values, immerse these people into our culture, and promote them into positions of leadership. This strategic approach results in a replicable workforce across the state who is committed to your project’s success.



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