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Looking for a specialist?


If you want a specialist to build or renovate your hospital, STEM building, BSL laboratory, or county courthouse, you’ve found the right firm.

Vaughn Construction specializes in four types of buildings: Healthcare, Higher Education, Research, and Civic. And we’ve done it for over 30 years, which makes us really good at what we do. Only a specialist like Vaughn can offer insight to how these complicated buildings can best serve the unique needs of your patients, students, researchers, or the general public.

Learn how the projects we build help heal the sick, make new discoveries, educate future leaders, and improve our communities.

How can a construction firm provide a positive patient experience?

How can you attract best-in-class research scientists?


What if buildings could transform the education experience?

How can a builder deliver on your commitment to the community?

How can we improve your construction experience?

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