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What if buildings could transform the education experience?

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We start by focusing on the students.

Your goal is to create a campus environment that supports learning and helps students achieve their goals. At Vaughn Construction, we focus on three aspects of education construction which ensure successful projects and student satisfaction.

Three keys for successful construction projects on university campuses.


1) Adapt to the Campus Environment

The success of a university construction project is defined before the first piece of dirt is moved. It is defined during preconstruction, as we analyze how to adapt our construction process to your campus and your students. We develop site logistics and phasing plans that keep students and staff safe and minimize construction impacts. We work with you to understand campus and building traffic patterns before planning construction traffic routes and logistical designations. We analyze class schedules, academic calendars, and campus events before scheduling our work. These proactive measures help ensure a successful project before construction even starts.


2) Construct the Best Building for Your Budget

Your budget is often established and inflexible. Our job is to deliver the best building for the available funds. Our experience and historical cost database are unmatched in Texas. We control the cost, while ensuring your project is constructed to the university’s standards and captures your vision.


3) Build Iconic Facilities That Last

University campuses are defined by their buildings. It's where your students make memories and create their futures. Those buildings need to be fully functional on day one, be durable, and be easy to maintain. As a specialist in education construction, we offer in-depth knowledge of the construction methods and materials that contribute to a durable and high-quality facility worthy of your university.


The education facilities we build shape individuals influencing our communities.

“A building on its own isn’t the end result. But new facilities create opportunities for education to evolve, and that’s what the Health Education Center is doing for UTMB: allowing our educational mission to continue to move in new and innovative directions. We are confident that this new facility will allow us to advance programs that will prepare our graduates to function effectively in an increasingly complex interprofessional health care environment.”


University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Health Education Center

Dr. Michael Ainsworth
University of Texas
Medical Branch at Galveston

Completed Projects

Texas Christian University, Harrison Administration Building

University of Houston-Downtown Sciences and Technology Building

Texas A&M University Health Science Center-Houston, Engineering Health Building Renovation


No Project Too Small or Too Complex

As a full-service institutional construction firm, we can serve all your construction needs on campus, regardless of size, from small renovations and additions, to enabling projects for larger construction initiatives, to new facilities. We offer a depth of resources and can scale our construction workforce to meet your project requirements.

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Knowledge That Impacts You

The Vaughn Construction quarterly advisory informs you of the latest construction-related news, such as material price escalations, new laws or construction methods that could impact your next project. We share our insights to help save time and money on your commercial building project.

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