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As an institutional construction firm, Vaughn is your trusted advisor for small to mid-range construction projects. We offer a one-stop solution for managing the entire project life cycle. No matter the size or complexity of the job, our team is driven to add value, achieve your goals, and make your life easier.

That's why our clients’ success is our number one priority. We understand the unique needs that go hand-in-hand with projects of this scale and complexity such as speed-to-market, construction phasing, minimal disruptions to building occupants, consistent quality, and no cost surprises.

We can work through any of the contracting methods below, specifically designed for quick deployment on maintenance, repair, alteration, remediation, or minor construction projects.

Contracting Methods

Job Order Contracts (JOC)

If your institution has awarded a job order contract to Vaughn, you can hire us directly. JOC programs allow you to authorize quick deployment of our work crews to provide construction services, using a pre-negotiated unit price.


Master Services Agreements

If you have ongoing construction needs, you can negotiate an open-ended contract with us for on-call construction services. For each project, we meet with you and visit the job site to find ways to accelerate the schedule, lower cost, maximize quality, and minimize risk. Then we submit a cost estimate so you can issue a work order.


Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

We are contracted with the following purchasing co-ops to provide construction services. Each of these co-ops has awarded construction contracts that were competitively and legally proposed according to State of Texas statutes. Because the procurement process has already been completed and the contracts awarded, we can start immediately, saving you time and money. Projects are priced using RSMeans Facilities Construction Data Unit price book.


Our Contracted Purchasing Co-ops

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