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We are commercial builders. With our workforce of over 400 craft construction workers, we have the ability to self-perform work commercial construction in areas that add value to projects. By self-performing some scopes, we can better control the project's cost and schedule.

Benefits of Our Self-Perform Services

Cost Savings Option

We do the work other trade contractors do not want to do or cannot perform efficiently. If your project requires a particularly challenging task that might intimidate some trade contractors or cause them to charge a premium for their service, we can self perform the work expediently at a reasonable cost.

Better Schedule Control

If a trade contractor falls behind schedule, we can seamlessly supplement them with our highly skilled craft construction workers to maintain the schedule. Our multi-disciplined and cross trained crews can transition from task to task easily, utilizing their diverse training to assist in whatever capacity is needed.


Knowledgeable, Experienced Builder

Self-performing isn’t the right call for every project. But, having a self-perform contractor like Vaughn Construction on the team affords you more options and adds value through our knowledge of various construction methods of multiple trades. This knowledge directly impacts the likelihood of your project finishing on schedule and within budget, while still achieving or surpassing your quality goals.

Our Self-Perform Services

  • Concrete (including formwork, reinforcing steel, placement, and finishing)
  • Complete and selective demolition
  • Crane operation
  • Door/specialty hardware installation
  • Earthwork and utilities
  • Field engineering
  • Interior finishes
  • Precast erection 
  • Miscellaneous metals 
  • Rough carpentry
  • Structural steel and miscellaneous steel erection.

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