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Texas A&M University, Innovative Technologies Development Complex


This new three-story building will provide modern office and research labs to support interdisciplinary engineering research teams in a collaborative environment. The high bay area will serve Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) featuring applied research and development laboratories, prototyping and integration spaces, innovation collaboration locations for testing and evaluating, secure meeting spaces and data storage, office, conference, and collaboration spaces. Some of the highly-specialized areas will include a laser diagnostics lab, a telemetry and sensors instrumentation lab for autonomous vehicles, a control center for tactical networks, a GPS-denied navigation lab, a cybersecurity lab, an augmented and virtual reality lab, and a secure data storage and curation center. In addition, the facility will house a range control and operations center to advance development in hardware for all modes of transportation, necessary software networks, and unique human factors interface systems with conventional or unmanned aerial, off-road ground and subterranean vehicles.

The project includes a nearly $30 million infrastructure and roadway extension and upgrade including a mile-long extension of the RELLIS Parkway and creation of thermal, electrical, telecom, water, and condensate recovery utility loops on the northwest side of RELLIS Campus.

Project Details

ClientTexas A&M University

Architect: Energy Architecture

Location: Bryan, TX

Delivery: Construction Manager-at-Risk

Status: In Progress

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