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Texas Medical Center, Helix Park Gardens


Project Details

Client: Texas Medical Center

Architect: Elkus Manfredi Architects

Location: Houston, TX

Delivery: Construction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

The Helix Park Gardens, made up of five helix-shaped public green spaces, provide an interconnected chain of inspiring green spaces for outdoor receptions, concerts, graduations, and events.  Lush lawns, grassy knolls, abundant tree canopies, and engaging water features grace curved walkways alongside cafes, retail shops, and other public spaces. The park offers an expansive, welcoming meeting space where great minds can informally collaborate, and new ideas can grow naturally.

Unique Challenge

To enhance Helix Park Gardens further, TMC requested that we build an entire additional garden in 10 months to meet their grand opening deadline. To ensure smooth procurement and stay on schedule, our construction and design teams met at a stone quarry. We focused on identifying challenges and developing efficient solutions for acquiring the necessary materials. By communicating specific material requirements, we facilitated swift action, minimizing the delay risks that could jeopardize the project timeline.

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