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University of North Texas, Science Research Building Renovation


Project Details

ClientUniversity of North Texas

Architect: Jennings Hackler & Partners Inc.

Location: Denton, TX

Delivery: Traditional

Status Completed

Project Overview

We converted the existing first floor into open concept laboratories. To support the labs, we performed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing modifications on the second floor and installed 11 new air handlers and a Phoenix control system with eight exhaust fans on the roof. We also installed a fire sprinkler system, a reverse osmosis water system, vacuum equipment, and an air compressor as well as implemented upgrades for Texas Accessibility Standards.


Unique Challenge

The second floor contained existing laboratories not included in the renovation. To protect existing lab equipment and clean rooms, we performed MEPF installations over four phases. In each area, we covered sensitive equipment, removed ceilings, lighting and above ceiling MEPF systems, then installed replacement systems and transferred power from old to new gear before releasing each space for use by the Owner. This approach kept most of the existing laboratories functional throughout the renovation.

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