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New Medical Office Building 3 at Houston Methodist West Campus Tops Out

We placed a Christmas tree on the new building

We are excited to announce that the Houston Methodist West, Medical Office Building (MOB) 3 and Garage B Expansion project recently topped out. The MOB 3, for which Vaughn Construction serves as the construction manager-at-risk, will enable Houston Methodist West Hospital to leverage a wide variety of innovative technology and care practices to support the growing West Houston community.

After completing a tree-raising ceremony, in which our team placed a Christmas tree on top of the new building, the project team and craft workers gathered alongside Vaughn leadership and hospital representatives for a special luncheon and raffle to celebrate the topping out.

Among the attendees was Houston Methodist West's Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kyle Stanzel, who explained the project's significance and thanked the craft workers for their hard work.

Kyle Stanzel thanked craft personnel 

"The work that our teams do over in those buildings over there really means a lot to the community. I'm really proud of our teams and what they accomplish over there, and you're making that first step. You're putting the building together that's going to treat thousands and thousands of patients in the future."

He continued, "Every plumbing line you put up, every stud you put in, every hole and screw you drill is going to help us deliver leading medicine to the community in West Houston. I think that's incredible, so thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for being a part of our team."

The Vaughn senior project manager echoed this sentiment and explained why we take the time to celebrate the topping-out milestone. "The topping out brings everybody together to show our appreciation to the craft force, the boots on the ground. Today, we set everything aside and just focus the entire environment on them," he shared.

"We had almost a hundred vendors and trade contractors that donated for the event. All of it for the guys who have done the work to get us to where we are today at this milestone. It is an incredible feeling."

This project holds a special significance for the senior project manager, who is proud of the team's progress. "This young team of ours was given a unique opportunity to build upon our relationship with the client on this campus while constructing a very cool project."

He continued, "Thus far, they have exceeded expectations and have done an excellent job reassuring the client that Vaughn is the best partner and advisor for their construction needs."

The project team is proud of their progress 

When completed, the six-story MOB 3 will have spaces for orthopedics and sports medicine, including a sports field and artificial turf area. The services supported by the new MOB 3 will have lasting implications for our community, and our team views this project as an opportunity to help heal the sick.

"The MOB 3 project…will allow citizens the opportunity to be treated, rehabilitated, and receive elite medical and orthopedic services within minutes from home," the Vaughn project manager shared. "The project is also significant to Vaughn for a couple of reasons. First, it is another opportunity to deepen Vaughn's relationship with Houston Methodist in Katy, which has been ongoing for many years. Second, the project has played a major role in developing many Vaughn employees. It has truly been the perfect example of Vaughn's goal to attract, develop, and retain talented and hardworking individuals."

We look forward to sharing more information as the project progresses.