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State of the Texas Medical Center Event for TMC3 Collaborative Building and Dynamic One

Texas Medical Center (TMC) recently celebrated the TMC3 Collaborative Building, Dynamic One building, and the launch of Helix Park at an event hosted by Greater Houston Partnership. The event marked a significant milestone in the Texas Medical Center’s commitment to advancing healthcare and research, fostering innovation, and improving the well-being of communities.

Located within Helix Park, the 250,000 SF collaborative building, the 490,000 SF Dynamic One building and 1,750 car parking garage, for which Vaughn served as construction manager-at-risk, are part of a 37-acre campus designed to foster collaboration among healthcare, life science, and business professionals. The campus will also include six public green spaces across 19 acres of the site. The area includes restaurants, a hotel and conference center, a residential tower, shops, and two other parking garages, which are initial steps to make TMC more like Downtown Houston.


"The TMC3 Collaborative Building and Dynamic One are unique, breathtaking buildings,” said a Vaughn senior project manager. “I am fascinated by how impactful this campus is going to be for the community. Each year, Texas will benefit from an ongoing annual impact of over $5.4 billion. More than 23,000 permanent new Harris County jobs will drive that gain, representing virtually all industries, payscales, tax levels, and educational backgrounds. In addition, 19,000 construction jobs will be created to help bring Helix Park to life.”