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Vaughn Construction Prepares Shoreside Lab for Pioneering Ocean Research Program


Texas A&M University’s International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) recently selected Vaughn Construction as construction manager-at-risk to build shell space for vital research equipment currently onboard the R/V JOIDES Resolution, the program’s dedicated vessel slated for decommissioning.

The new 8,700 SF space ensures a seamless transition for IODP to continue its groundbreaking work. For over 50 years, IODP scientists have recovered and analyzed core samples from the ocean floor, revealing past global climate changes and secrets hidden deep within the ocean’s surface.

3137-tamu-iodp-web-optimized_image3“We are excited to create a new, state-of-the-art environment for IODP’s research to continue,” said a Vaughn project manager. “The new lab spaces will allow for core sample preparation, previously performed in a makeshift plywood enclosure. Additionally, ample natural light will flood the research areas through expansive new windows, replacing the reliance on artificial lighting.”

“The new facility will be available to scientists and commercial clients seeking to utilize the specialized equipment for their research endeavors,” said David Houpt, supervisor of analytical systems for IODP. “This includes analyzing the vast core collection housed at Texas A&M’s Gulf Coast Repository (GCR), a treasure trove of information spanning 56 years of scientific ocean drilling. The most used equipment at the GCR is the X-Ray Florescent Core Scanner (XRF Core Scanner) which performs a non-destructive analysis of the core and provides data on the elements contained in a core sample.”

3137-tamu-iodp-web-optimized-image10We proudly support IODP's mission of understanding our planet and improving our communities through their research. We look forward to sharing more as this project progresses!