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Central Texas College, Utility Upgrades Package 2


Project Details

ClientCentral Texas College

ArchitectLeaf Engineers

LocationKilleen, TX



Project Overview

The project consisted of utility and infrastructure upgrades across the nearly 500-acre campus, including replacing approximately 4,000 LF of sanitary sewer line, upgrading/replacing storm drains, and installing approximately 1,200 feet of precast concrete utility tunnels. We also renovated the existing central plant and replaced all of the existing hydronic pumps, installed a new DDC controls system, and replaced one boiler.


Unique Challenge

The campus had not had major upgrades in nearly 40 years, so the majority of the utility and infrastructure systems needed significant repairs. Identifying underground utilities was challenging due to a lack of accurate drawings. We utilized hydroexcavation and ground penetrating radars to minimize risks associated with unforeseen utility lines. We also developed temporary heating/cooling plans for each of 14 buildings, tackling challenges such as isolating valves that served functioning buildings, to avoid disrupting the entire campus.

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