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Sierra Providence Health Network, Sierra Providence Hospital


Project Details

ClientSierra Providence Health Network

ArchitectPhiloWilke Partnership

LocationEl Paso, TX



Project Overview

This fully licensed micro hospital is designed to provide the same health services as a larger hospital, including emergency care, inpatient services, and laboratory and imaging services. The hospital contains patient rooms, exam rooms, nurse stations, a food prep area, a pharmacy, a CT room, an X-ray room, ambulance entry, helipad, and an emergency room waiting area. The second floor was built as shell space for future patient rooms and medical office space.


Unique Challenge

We coordinated early sequencing between the concrete contractor, the tilt-wall panel erector, and the steel erector. The required tilt-wall panel bracing could not be removed until the steel erection was in place. But to erect the tilt-wall panels and steel, the erectors needed access to the interior of the building, which meant the slab-on-grade could not be placed without damaging the slab. We placed the slab perimeter only to provide access for erections, before pouring the remaining slab.

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