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Texas A&M University, 21st Century Classroom Building


Vaughn is serving as construction manager-at-risk for a new and innovative general purpose classroom building. Due to increased pressure for classroom space the state-of-the art facility accommodates the continued growth in student enrollment and new teaching methodologies. To encourage student engagement the building features four teaching arenas with a unique 360-degree environment and a centrally located instructor station. Furthermore, the building supports a large quantity of people by offering more than 2,200 classroom seats across 10 classrooms. The classroom sizes range from 72 to 630 seats and their configurations include active learning classrooms, teaching arenas, tiered classrooms, and a traditional large lecture hall. The most intricate components of our construction involved the audio/visual and technology integration. The arenas feature eight ceiling-mounted projectors that display on the curved walls and incorporate robust data networking and infrastructure capabilities to support current technology. Another challenge involved carefully constructing the 33-feet high exposed concrete walls to ensure we achieved a polished effect for a modern-looking building.

Project Details

ClientTexas A&M University


LocationBryan-College Station, TX

DeliveryConstruction Manager-at-Risk

StatusIn Progress

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