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Texas A&M University, Innovative Learning Classroom Building


Project Details

ClientTexas A&M University

Architect: Perkins + Will

Location: College Station, TX

Delivery: Construction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

This innovative classroom building encourages student engagement by featuring four teaching arenas with a unique 360-degree environment and a centrally located instructor station. The arenas feature eight ceiling-mounted projectors that display on the curved walls and incorporate robust data, networking, and infrastructure capabilities. The building’s configuration offers more than 2,200 seats across 10 classrooms. The teaching areas range from 72 to 630 seats, and include active learning classrooms, teaching arenas, tiered classrooms, and a traditional large lecture hall.

Unique Challenge

The arena structure is comprised of a 33-foot tall, 18-inch thick, radiused concrete wall. The drawings detailed architecturally exposed concrete with a grooved finish. We used BIM to design custom radiused formwork to meet the cast-in-place concrete lift and support engineering requirements and to detail the impact on the custom finishes. Modeling the formwork reduced the labor costs and ensured we could produce the Owner’s desired finishes.

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