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Texas A&M University, Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory


Project Details

ClientTexas A&M University

ArchitectPerkins + Will

LocationCollege Station, TX

DeliveryConstruction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

This facility houses high containment small and large animal diagnostics spaces including a BSL-3 laboratory, BSL-3 necropsy suite, BSL-2 laboratory, offices, and support areas such as a chemical tissue digester and a refrigerated holding area integrated with a large animal transport system. TVMDL's primary clients are Texas animal owners and veterinarians, state and federal agencies, and the state's food animal industries. The facility performs an average of 925 000 tests per year.


Unique Challenge

The monorail transport system required a precise path from the large animal receiving area to the BSL-3 necropsy lab. We used BIM models to coordinate precise alignment of the monorail transport system with the cold room, the necropsy lab tables, and the center of the tissue digester. When the Owner requested additional capacity to transport multiple animals, the BIM models allowed us to reconfigure and re-coordinate the monorail system and structure with no schedule impact.

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