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University of Texas at Dallas, Research and Operations Center West


Project Details

ClientUniversity of Texas at Dallas


LocationRichardson, TX



Project Overview

This new office and laboratory building consolidated the Translational Research Center, the Photonics Center, and the Applied Research Center into one facility. The facility contains nine 65-foot by 60-foot lab modules. The various lab spaces contain clean rooms, an assortment of fume hoods, compressed air, natural and other gases, optical lasers, etc. In addition to lab spaces, the building contains auxiliary office spaces, reception areas, conference rooms, storage, and a loading dock.


Unique Challenge

During a field review with our trade contractors, we discovered the mechanical room’s fire-rated partitions were not properly terminated at the roof deck due to insulation under the roof panels. Cutting into the insulation would have voided the roof system’s warranty. We added a hard lid ceiling to give the area the proper enclosure rating. Our review identified this issue early, track each trade’s progress until close out, and reduce punch list items on the project.

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