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Austin Community College, Make It Center


Project Details

ClientAustin Community College District - Highland Campus

ArchitectBarnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects

Location: Austin, TX

Delivery: Construction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

Austin Community College District’s (ACCD) new Make It Center (MIC) at ACC Highland Campus allows students to make educated decisions on career paths, taking into consideration the cost of living of their desired future residence, any degree requirements, along with the associated education costs. The space contains modern communal workspaces along with conference and presentation rooms. The entire Make it Center houses state-of-the-art audio-visual (A/V) holograms, virtual reality stations, display walls, and other high-end A/V equipment. 

Unique Challenge

Our work took place in an occupied building, which required us to avoid disturbances to ongoing operations. To minimize disruptions, we worked with the Owner, design team, and stakeholders to develop a thorough site logistics plan. We also constructed an 18-foot temporary sound wall around the affected area to contain potentially bothersome dust and sound. 

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