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Houston Methodist Hospital, Dunn 6 Labor and Delivery Renovation


Project Details

ClientHouston Methodist Hospital


LocationHouston, TX

DeliveryConstruction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

This two-phase remodel involved full upgrades to finishes, electrical, and HVAC for 20 labor and delivery/post-partum rooms. We also constructed a nurse station and new nursery build-out designed to support continuing care and full-term babies. We also installed a new infant protection system and a new air handler. We split the project into two phases on the north and south sides of the building allowing the Owner to occupy one while we completed the other.


Unique Challenge

The most challenging condition we faced was transitioning to the new infant protection system which involved precise coordination with security personnel, hospital IT staff, and the previous and new infant protection vendors to ensure zero risks for baby abduction. We programmed and tested each of the unit’s doors, nurse calls, and alarms connecting to that portion of the facility over one weekend, allowing the Owner to securely move patients into the space.

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