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University of North Texas, Rawlins Hall


Project Details

ClientUniversity of North Texas

ArchitectRandall Scott Architects, Inc.

LocationDenton, TX

DeliveryConstruction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

This new residence facility is designed to house 487 students and features study rooms, meeting spaces, activity areas and lounges, two multipurpose rooms, a shared community kitchen, an open concept lobby and recreation space, and a library, billiard room, and laundry room. The interior is sectioned into neighborhoods, each of which features a lounge and study area, an apartment for a faculty in residence, and a porch leading to a shared courtyard.


Unique Challenge

As a rule, we water test all windows and openings with a high-pressure water wand. During one of our in-house testing events, we noticed water in the building a few floors below where we were testing. We removed brick and addressed a bad waterproofing detail at a transition from cast stone to brick. Fortunately, we discovered the issue six months before occupancy giving us time to address it and ensure no further issues existed.

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