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West Texas A&M University, Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory


Project Details

ClientWest Texas A&M University

Architect: Perkins & Will

Location: Canyon, TX

Delivery: Construction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

This new facility enables the next generation of veterinary diagnosticians to receive top-level training. The building contains highly technical biosafety level BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories and BSL-2 necropsy spaces. Support spaces include waste sterilization glassware washing, and incinerator decontamination systems, carcass disposal, a mechanical penthouse, offices, meeting rooms, and an employee wellness center.

Unique Challenge

During constructability reviews, we discovered a substantial clash between the HVAC trunk lines and a major structural beam. We attacked this major mechanical revision by re-engineering our air handling unit to have two supply openings. We split the main supply trunk around the beam and re-combined the line. Our creative solution during the design process ensured the project schedule remained on track.

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